Wood look

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Floor tiles in wood look have the special property of imitating parquet. Thanks to modern technology in the graphics area, the properties of the wood can be exactly imitated.

There are floor tiles in italian stoneware with oak look, teak, ash, walnut, maple, birch, larch, elmwood, chestnut and oak look. The surface structure of the porcelain stoneware tiles in wood look is generally matt and in high-quality design you have the same roughness on the floor like real wood. They are available in different sizes, from the smaller ones like 112.5 x 50, 10 x 70, 15 x 90 or the larger versions such as 15x120, 20x120, 30x120, 19x150, 20x150.

Outdoor floor tiles have anti-slip coating according to standard DIN51130 (R) R11, R12 or R13.

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