Trusted Shops is the trusted solution that integrates reviews, product reviews, quality seal and money-back guarantee for the benefit of customers.

Trusted Shops protects purchases made online with any payment method, including bank transfer. In order to take advantage of this protection, all personalized quotes communicated by phone or email can be converted into an online order. It is necessary to activate protection through the POP UP that appears at the end of the purchase process.



In case of non-delivery or service not provided due to the offerer, the customer has the possibility of being reimbursed for a maximum amount of € 2,500 within 30 days of purchase.

The protection costs are borne by Quaranta Ceramiche Srl. With the use of Trustbadge® technology, only customers who have actually purchased from our shop will be able to leave a comment. True trust is inspired only by authentic reviews carefully checked by the Trusted Shops Service Team.

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